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Lumbosacral arthrodesis for neuromuscular scoliosis using a simplified Jackson technique.

Treating patients with severe neuromuscular scoliosis by long spinal fusion improves their quality of life and provides significant comfort for the patient and caregivers. But lumbosacral (L5-S1) fusion is challenging in these patients because of the significant deformities that result in poor bone anchoring quality and a risk of impingement between the skin and implants.[…]

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Shoulder stabilization by modified Latarjet-Patte procedure: Results at a minimum 10 years’ follow-up, and role in the prevention of osteoarthritis

In 1995, our team modified the Latarjet-Patte procedure by associating “south-north” capsule retention with reinsertion to the edge of the glenoid cavity to the coracoid bone-block.


The present minimum 10-year follow-up study tested the hypothesis that the rate of osteoarthritis could be reduced by the strictly extra-articular position of the bone-block and stability be enhanced by the associated Bankart effect […]

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Fixation of 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus

No objective criteria exist to help surgeons choose between IM ng and plate fixation for 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus, The goal of this study was to identify radiological criteria that would make one technique a better choice than the other […]

Material and methods: This was a comparative, multicentre, retrospective study o 54 cases of antegrade nailing and 53 cases of plating performed between anuary 2009 and 31 December 2011 for 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus. All patients had a minimum radiological and clinical follow-up of 18 months.

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Deltopectoral approach for shoulder arthroplasty: anatomic basis.

The deltopectoral approach is a common surgical procedure for shoulder arthroplasty. Many surgeons are familiar with this procedure, but certain steps are still controversial. This is the case for the management of subscapularis, where surgeons must choose between tenotomy and the lesser tuberosity osteotomy […]

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